San Andreas FivePD Server Rules

Our FivePD server is meant for Production, therefore we have created an outline of rules we expect all users to follow while in our server. It is your responsibility to ensure you know and follow the rules provided. These rules can change, you are responsible for ensuring you regularly check these rules. 

No illegal Civilian Roleplay

Let it be known that we prohibit all members from committing illegal acts within our server. As law enforcement, ems, fire, or civilian, you are not allowed to break the law. Our server is designed to be player vs environment, therefore we will not allow scenarios where player vs player actions are needed. The only exception to this is when fire/ems is online, where a player can assist in reviving/transporting other players. 

Courtesy Patrol

Courtesy Patrol falls under the ranking of local law enforcement. Meaning, that any LEO (except with a temp POL) is above the authority of a Courtesy Patrol Officer. Respected supervisors of other departments are able to take supervisor actions against Courtesy Patrol Officers while in their respected primary patrol area. These actions are subjected to review to justify fair treatment, and investigations are held at the State Criminal Investigations Division. Unfair treatment can result in termination of POL.

You do not need to apply for Courtesy Patrol. Courtesy Patrol will not have ranks, and will fall as the same rank as Probationary Trooper within the DPS ranking structure.

Department Roleplay Only

You must be a part of an official department in order to roleplay. If you are removed/fired from a department, you will need to apply for another department. If you are unable to join any departments, roleplay is prohibited until you are able to join a department. 

You are also only allowed to roleplay in departments that you have been approved for by the proper command. Failure to abide can result in removal from the game. 

Staying in Character

You are to always stay in character. Unless a staff member relieves you of roleplay, you are expected to be in roleplay. Even if you think you are alone on the server, you are still required to be in roleplay. Streaming, recording, or other means of sharing the content of our server while acting out of roleplay must go through the approval of our staff. 

Self Incrimination

Any content you record, stream, or share, can be used to determine your conduct within our server and your position. This can be used for grounds of demotion, promotion, and removal. It is important you stay in character, and act properly as a law enforcement officer. If you have a scene idea, please contact our staff. We will be more than happy to assist you, or give you permission, to do whatever it is you think will look cool. Just keep us in the loop!

Follow Police Policy & Command

As you are a law enforcement officer, you are required to follow basic law enforcement expectations, regulated by the state of Texas, TCOLE. Failure to act as a proper law enforcement officer can require you to do training. Failure to abide can result in your removal. 

15/Years old + for whitelist

Our ideal age is 16+, although we will allow certain 15-year-olds to be whitelisted if maturity is shown. KEEP IN MIND, there is no age limit forced on just regular patrols. Only whitelisted events will require participants to be at least 15 years of age. 

Minimum Activity Requirements

There is no activity requirement for individuals who are not members of this FivePD server. 

If you are inside of a department, you are classified, at the least, as an “Accepted Member.” With this you are required to have a play time of 4 hours per month. If this time can not be met, please contact one of our staff team members for exceptions. If a temporary problem will cause you to fail this requirement, advise your proper command to mark you as LOA. You can be LOA for 3 months before needing to talk with a Staff Member to extend your time. 

If your rank within the department calls you to be a field supervisor, you are required to be active for 8 hours per month. If you have a problem with this, please contact a staff team member. If you are going to go LOA, advise your higher up. You are allowed 4 months of LOA before staff is needed to extend your time. 

If you are considered a high command member within your department, you are not required a minimum playtime. Although, you are subjected to a 48 hour response time if one of our staff members contact you. You are also expected to be reasonably involved with your department. If LOA is needed, you must contact a staff member. 

* Moderation staff members are not allowed to deny LOA time and extensions. Although, still need to be contacted for our records. Administration members and higher command can lower the rank of field supervisors and high command members if he/she feels it is ultimately best for the community. We understand life situations, although if you can not fulfill the job, sometimes we need to find someone who will. This is ultimately to allow other community members to have the best time possible. 

Dual Clanning Rules

We do not have dual clanning rules, although advertising other servers (fivepd or not) can result in the immediate removal of your user. It also should be known that individuals who dual clan are still required to maintain minimum activity requirements, and can also be refused promotions into supervisory positions. 

Special Events

All members who play during an event are to be involved in the event. If you do not want to participate, you are to leave the server for the duration of the event. Events are often live streamed and recorded, therefore, negatively interfering with an event can result in the immediate removal of your user. Also, you will then be pending an investigation and decision of an administration member. 

Out Of Roleplay (Green Lighting)

Out of Roleplay members are exempt from standard roleplay *laws* but not rules. While operating out of roleplay, you are not to interfere in any way with current roleplay. Powers, abilities, outfits, and vehicles should be kept clear of popular roleplay areas. If a roleplay member comes into contact with an out-of-roleplay member, the roleplaying member should yield and disregard the out-of-roleplay member. If you are summoned by staff or an out-of-roleplay member, you are subjected to stay and listen to the member. Members that operate out of roleplay are regulated by the Moderation Team, and directly supervised by the Admin Team. 

Password is 1234