Whelen Emergency Lighting Systems​


You can either customize your own light patterns, or have us send you custom light patterns. We support milti-light functions, high-speed patterns, and all other types of patterns you can think of!

Our lightbars are also color-customizable. We default have Red, White, Blue, and Amber. Although we also can provide green, pink, purple, and pretty much any color you might need. 

We have a super dynamic lighting system. Our lights will pop at night, and still be highly visible in the day-time. We are also able to support low-end devices, where we optimize the amount of parts and scripts. 

We can provide you with a large number of different control systems. Most are made up by our team for optimization and easy use, although we do have more realistic models for those who want them. 

After countless hours, we are now able to provide you with a lightbar that can sync with all other first responders, or near by first responders. 

We can put your car together for you, and get you the lightbar placement you want! Unmarked, undercover, personal vehicles, to full lightbar vehicles, we got you!

Our Whelen Pack

  • Stealth Deck Bar
  • TIR3
  • TIR6
  • 400s
  • 400s 6×6
  • 500
  • Dominator w/ LINZ6
  • Dominator w/ TIR3
  • Edge
  • Edge Thin
  • Freedom
  • Inner Edge
  • Justice
  • Legacy
  • M2
  • M4
  • Mini Freedom
  • Outer Edge
  • PAR32
  • PAR36 Rambar
  • Pioneer
  • Raider
  • Raider Dual
  • SA315
  • Slim Miser
  • SlimLighter TIR3
  • Talon
  • Ultra Freedom Deco
  • Vertex
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