{AMRP} Rules

Here we will outline all the rules of operation within our server. These rules are enforced by the Interpol Agency, punishments are carried out by Private Military Contractor “Alpha Military Force”. All rules must be read and followed by all personnel that wishes to operate within our server.

General Operation of Powers

“Power” is defined as a group/team of individuals with a military base recognized by Interpol. 

The leader of a Power will be held up to the people within that power. Any person can challenge the leader of power for that lead position, “President”, and the challenges will be served every first of the month. If a leader is challenged, on the first of the month, the challengers and the challenged will be able to campaign to the people of that power for 7 days. On the 8th of the month, an election will be held by Interpol. The election winner will be recognized as that power’s leader. If the election comes out to be a tie the existing leader will remain the leader. 

The leader of power can effectively change the name of the power, manage the funding, and declare war on other powers. The leader will ultimately be able to make decisions on the behalf of their power. However, leaders can not order/demand their followers to violate the rules outlined on this page. If a leader knowingly violates the rules on this page, that leader can face trial by Interpol. Also let it be known, if a leader is found guilty of violating rules outlined on this page, his/her leadership protection can be waived and subjected to be challenged by any member at any time, rather than the first of the month. If this challenge occurs, one day of campaign will be held and the election will follow that next day. 

Leaders of power will be able to declare war against other powers for that power’s district. Note, that you are only permitted to go to war over a district once that war is recognized by Interpol. Upon approval, Interpol will declare a day and time in which the two power’s can fight over the said district. If a power is requesting/pending too many battles, Interpol reserves the right to deny the battle requests. At the end of each battle, Interpol will recognize the winner, and award said winner to the district. There are a few outcomes of battles,

  • If one side surrenders, or wishes to no longer continue, the opposing side will win that district.
  • If a side has no more soldiers left, the opposing side will win that district. 
  • If the time limit is reached, as defined by Interpol, the battle will go into review by Interpol. Interpol will decide the winner based on who has more points, and who controlled the district more.
  • If Interpol cancels the war prior to the time limit given previously, the battle will be rescheduled. *resources used within the battle on both sides will remain in the same state. 

Powers will have unlimited resources during peacetime, although during a battle the power will *only* be allowed to use a limited amount of resources based on that power’s purchases. The resources the power wishes to use MUST be placed into the server all at once before the battle. No additional resources will be added during the battles. Resources can only be placed on the power’s base or owned districts. These resources will then be logged by Interpol. At the end of the battle, powers will be able to pull back their resources if they have the personnel to do so. The resources that are damaged can be repaired ONLY if the resource is put back to that power’s base. In addition, any resources saved can be used in future battles. Any damaged resources left outside of that power’s base will no longer be able to be used in future battles. If a resource is still fully useable and inside a power’s district, it can be used in future battles. If a power takes the opposing force’s resources that power can use those resources in future battles only if that power brings the resource back to its base. If a resource is completely destroyed it will not be able to be repaired. 

Password is 1234